About the Course
Root Cause Analysis for Project Managers

The critical role project manager play in delivering organizational strategic goals has come into greater focus in the past two decades as evidenced by the growth in education for and certification of project managers.  Sources indicate that over 50% of all projects fail, and even a greater number fail to realize 100% of the goals sets when the project was initiated.  An effective project manager is one who is skilled beyond the basics and can navigate organizational obstacles to success.


The corrective action process used during a project often focuses on correcting the issue, not dealing with underlying root causes.  The exercise of “collecting and storing” lessons learned is also too limited an activity to identify and resolve project management and organizational barriers.  This course is designed to equip project managers with the tools necessary to perform effective root cause analysis, thereby becoming more valuable to the organizationswith which they work.

The following topics are covered:

·         The importance of root cause analysis before trying to solve project and/or organizational problems

·         A 3-pronged, five-step approach for performing root cause analysis

·         Using lessons learned as a data collection technique

·         Seeing and managing root cause analysis as organizational learning and change

·         Creating plans for change based on findings of the root cause analysis


This program is designed to:

·         Enhance organizational change performance by more deeply analyzing project and program failures

·         Provide examples of frameworks to better detect systemic issues

·         Communicate a widely-used root cause analysis model


Program & project managers, process ownersand business analysts responsible for transformation initiatives, IT projects, BPM projects, HR overhauls, supply chain management or other large cross-functional programs.


Participants will learn how to:

·         Collect and analyze data to improve both project and organizational effectiveness

·         Differentiate between problem solving and root cause analysis

·         Select from and apply a variety of techniques that support root cause analysis

·         Define the leadership and organizational support necessary for root cause analysis

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